Princess Academy #1

Princess School 2

My name is Emmalyn. (I’m the red head) me and my sister Katherine are princess’s. You might think fancy dresses and everything you want. But it’s  not all that. We still do school and for some reason some guard is always watching us. SO okay enough about us lest start the story.

princess School 3

Katherine and I were sitting around talking. When some random girl walks in.

Princess 4

We got up and she walked toward us. She told us her name was Mary Ellen. She was a new maid. She told us that are mother would be coming to visit are bedchamber soon. As soon as she left the the alarm on my phone went of that signaled that it was school time. BLEH!!

princess school 5

I had to write a report about France. But I was really just doodling and thinking about the new GOTY Grace.

Princess School 1

Katherine was studying as well. She was supposed to be reading poetry but she had secretly hidden her favorite book in there and was reading that.

Princess School 7

Then are mother walked in. She told us she had some news.

princess school 8

She sat on the bed. We listened intently she told us. One of her friends in England was sending her daughters to a princess academy were the would learn the rules of being a princess. And other things she said she was going to send us there. US US US!! To England far away from home. Then she just left mom walked out the door like she told us nothing that WOULD CHANGE ARE LIFE FOR EVER!!!

princess school 9

I leaped onto Katherine’s bed. Katherine started talking very very fast. We were both worried but knew that if was probably for the better.

princess school 10

Then we heard someone outside the door.

SUSPENSE stay tuned for more of this fun Photo-story


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