Dolls Sized Finds and a short photostory

Here are some doll sized finds that I have found in random places.

doll finds 7

First this cute little soda can. I got at a old time candy store I also have a Mountain Dew one. So CUTE!!

doll finds 6

These markers came with a design a purse bag. I used them with the Princess Academy when they were studying.

doll sized finds 1

This little lip gloss tube you can find these at Target and Dollar Stores. Now to the Photo-story πŸ™‚
doll finds 2

Emily has just finished putting on her lip gloss and is going to the mall with her friend Cammy.

doll finds 3

She’s bringing her wallet,phone, and $20 for shopping πŸ˜€

doll finds 4

Sam is practicing for the musical she is in “The Sound of Music” (I love that movie)

doll finds 5

Marisol is going on a hike she promises to take lots of pictures! (Probably tomorrow or later this week I will post the pictures)

Thanks for Reading

Happy Blogging! (From all the dolls)


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