Princess Academy #2 The Train Ride

First of I was going to post the pics of Marisol’s hike but it rained so I couldn’t take the pictures so maybe have them up tomorrow or sometime this week! Now to the photostory! πŸ™‚ This is all from Katherine’s point of view! (Kristen is Katherine)

PA 1

“I’m so nervous” said Katherine. “I can’t believe she us making us go” said Emmalyn. “GIRLS!” called Queen Eliza Marie the 2nd (also known as Mom) “Time to go to the train station” I said sadly.

PA 2

As we got to the train station a old hunched over lady asked us for our tickets.

PA 3

We gave her out tickets. She asked “Are you the Princess’s Emmalyn and Katherine?” “Nooo” I said.” Good thing we didn’t wear or ball gowns” I whispered to Emmalyn! “Then we would have had the paparzzi left and right!”

PA 4

As we got on to the train and sat down. I started to cry we were leaving our homeland going to a foreign country. Our mother didn’t even come to the train station we were all alone. All these scary thoughts came into my head but then I remembered I had my sister by my side and everything would be okay. (probably) LOL πŸ™‚

PA 5

After about an hour a little girl no older than 6 or 7 came up to us with a plate of food. Emmalyn asked her who she was she said her name was Jane Adams (Thanks for the name samanthadollls). Then she gave us this little look and then asked are you princess’s I saw you on TV can I have your autograph.

PA 6

We gave her the autograph she thanked us 1,000 times. She said she lived on this train with her Mommy who was the cook.

PA 7

I thought for a moment and then told her to take my doll. She looked at me like I was an alien from outer space.” Go on take it” I said you need it much more than I do. “Okay” she said “thanks so much” than she took of to the kitchen!

PA 8

I watched as she ran off with her doll in hand and autograph in her pocket.

PA 9

Emmalyn looked at me and said “that was so sweet sis.”

PA 10

I replied “she needs it much more than I do. And her troubles made mine seem like nothing!” πŸ˜€

Stay tuned for more in this photostory πŸ™‚


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