A Bake Sale

Okay so I didn’t take pictures of Marisol’s Hike again I will hopefully have it up this week. And now this weeks Camp Doll Diaries Theme. *drumroll* BAKERY BATTLES!!!!! So the bakery battles for my camp will not be till later but today they are having a bakesale!


It was a rainy day me and Sam had just set up the table in our cabin and had loaded it with sweets treats and anything with a high count of 20 grams of sugar or more! 🙂 Then we heard the clump of foot steps are first customer!!!!

bake 2

Mallory from the Cabin Silly Monkey came and asked for 1 sandwich, a cookie, and a lemonade she asked were the proceeds would go. We told her 25% went to the camp another 25% went to charity and well we decided with the leftover 50% we are going to Sea World. Oh cool she said!!
bake 3

We gave her the food! She said thanks and left. Soon business was booming campers, counselors. and even the camp director Mrs.Finberry evern stopped by.

bake 4

Soon plates that had been stacked up high with treats were soon only left with a few sweets.

bake 5

Marisol walked over and said she had just finished a hike with the younger girls. She said she would go get her guitar so we could have a little music to liven it up! Sam said yes oh yeah sounds awesome Marisol 😀

bake 6

Marisol took out her guitar and started playing lively camp tunes!!!

bake 7

Soon a whole crowd had gathered! (Sorry for the blurrieness)

bake 9

It was about 7:00 that we closed shop Sam had fallen asleep on the table.

bake 10

Marisol thanked us for letting her play. And asked how much money did we earn

bake 11

YIPPPEEEE!!!! I screamed as I looked inside the cash purse $984.62 enough for Sea World and he camp and a charity! So that was the end of our bake sale we can’t wait for the rest of Bakery Battles this week!!! 😀


that was a piece of cake!! Get it tee hee bad puns 😀


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