American Girl New Releases

American Girl I think has done pretty good this year! Some people didn’t like it but I think they did pretty good!

doll review `


Okay they did good except for this! Oh my I really really don’t like it.

review 2


Very expensive and all the other dolls got cool stuff but Sam gets a flower picking set! But the outfit is very cute!

review 9


This outfit is very cute! The skirt is cute and it is so Paris the colors and they added a tad bit of sparkle at the top. I wish it came with a hair piece but over all I would buy this!

review 6

48.00 i think

This is super cute the shirt is very cute!! and the knee high socks are so cool.

The skateboard looks a little small.

review 11


So cheap and so adorable! The socks are cute. And the leggings are so COOL!!

review 5

Julie’s new PJ’s. I like the old ones better but these are still cute. I would buy them. I love the pants with the fringe thingy.

review 4


I like this coat. A little to much pink. But the coat is so adorable.



I LOVE this set so much. A little pricey but adorable. The chicken even comes with it so I guess it is a great deal!! But it is backordered on the website Aug. 14

Thats all for now I will try to review all of the set it may be in a few different parts!!!

Happy Blogging 😀

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