Marisol’s Hike :)


Hi everyone this is Marisol I am on my owner Hannah’s computer. Te He he

So here are the pictures

mh 1

Wee I am climbing up a really tall tree. I hope I make it up!

Victory is mine!! I have made it Marisol Queen of the Trees!!!!


I was lying in the grass when all the sudden this random bunny photobombed!! Silly bunny šŸ™‚


I think this is one starstruck bunny look he’s at it again


And again! Okay enough of the bunny though he was a cutie!


After a while I took a seat!


I stapped a few pictures!!


Finally I decided LUNCHTIME!!!!! Cheese sandwich and grape water delish!!!

mh 2

Thank You guys for joining me on Marisol’s Blog šŸ˜€ MARISOL what are you doing. Uh on got to go!! See ya later šŸ˜€


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