Ag new Releases 2

Okay I said I would review some more stuff.  So here we goo

review 7

This is a cute new Truly Me outfit. I love it. The boots especially and the sweater is so cute. It looks a little mismatched but over all a very cute outfit!

review 12


Samantha’s travel bag. I really like it but not for the price the bag is cute I don’t think much would fit in it. But for just like having in the AG house for pictures would work giving the pictures character! So if this went on clearance I would get it.

review 3


Adorable it is so cute it is formal but still okay just for hanging. I love the hairpiece. Actually I love any of AG outfits that come with hairpieces. This is an adorable dress that is definetely on the buy list!

Review 71


This is so cute! It is well priced. I know 48.00 thats a lot of money but it comes with the entire outfit and the chair and a postcard so a pretty good deal and the outfit is simply adorable it has the historical feel but also a modern touch.

review r

ick. Much to much pink in this. It is a nice but I would rather they kept her old ones which were much cuter. But for younger girls of 8 and 9 I bet they would love this! So ya know they have to try and please 8 and 12. Or 13 14 however old!

review a


This is pretty cute. I really like the heart shaped pizza and the board game a lot of detail in this set. I wouldn’t buy it though.

review a1


This is very cute a little picnic set. Probably enough food for only one doll. But it is very cute and pretty cheap for American Girl.

I like this set. Clearance maybe.

review a2


I love this set so much! So realistic and the dinners are so cute. Even milk in the cups. It is a little expensive for me though! But this set has so much stuff even a butter dish. Lots of good stuff about this. Totally a buy. If I had money. LOL xD

review a3


Okay this is weird to me. I don’t like it. Bangs how do they go on and off. All my dolls have bangs except Marisol. So umm I don’t get it so I won’t buy it. And well for dolls with no bangs maybe look at it in store maybe it looks different.

review  a4

This set is so cute. Does anyone know if AG used to sell a set with the robin hood book? Well this is so cute very realistic and the radio is so cute for a dining room table or nightstand.

Thats all for now maybe another post later!!! 😀


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