An Unexpected Surprise

Okay before we started I wanted to show you this cute AG skirt I Fourth of Julyified

news 1

Here it is I added these little button stars on it. It’s so cute!!! Okay to the photostory!!!! All from Emily’s POV
news 2

As I was sitting at my desk surfing the web on my tablet and drinking coffee. (Tee hee don’t tell anyone)

news 3

Kristen came rushing in. EMILY EMILY have you seen the news lately! No I answered. Your on TV you have been awarded the Tween Softball Player of the Year Award!!!!

new 4

I was speechless I heard my coffee cup clatter to the floor then………

news 5

WOOOOOO HOOO!!!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs I think China heard me. I danced on my chair I sang cried. I was so excited!!!!
news 7

Then this kid walked in he told us he was from the Morning News. And wanted to interview me.

news 8

He asked me a few questions. Then he left!

news 9

Then my sisters came hurtling in and gave me a giant sister group hug!!! 😀

The End

P.S I will make a photostory about the awards ceremony.

Happy Blogging 🙂


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