Molly’s Secret

Okay before I start the Photostory!! Here is a picture of my doll area were I take all my photo’s and play with all my dolls!!

So here it is!! I have the tent,camper,2 beds, 2 desks (only one shown), and the OG wardrobe!!! I have more AG clothes in bins too!! Okay enough about my doll space. Time for the photostory!! πŸ˜€

ice 1

So today. Molly walked up to my bed I picked her up. She said she had something to tell me!! She said she tried out for a competitive Figure Skating Team and she MADE IT!! She said she didn’t want to tell me cause she said it would make her feel pressured! Okay I said she said she had practice and that’s were she was going now!! Now to Molly’s POV (point of view). As I packed my bag and got my skates I felt nervous yet excited about what was going to happen. I had packed my bag with a water bottle and my lunch which was a PB+J a cupcake (Don’t tell coach she is all bout healthy eating), an a orange!! YUM

ice 2

As I got to the rink I put my stuff in my cubby.

ice 3

I sat down and put on my skates.

ice 4

I started of nice and easy. I have been skating since I was little not competitive but just for fun.

ice 5Β ice 6

Soon I started my triple axel

ice 7

I turned and…..

ice 8

THUD!! I landed on the ice and slid.

ice 9

I got up and decided to keep trying.

ice 10

Finally after about 1,000 tries I made it and landed in the splits. Kristen: it was not 1,000 times.

Molly: Oh yes it was.

Hannah (ME): NO it wasn’t girls. Go play!

Sorry dolls!! LOL πŸ™‚ Gotta love em

Happy Blogging πŸ˜€


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