New AG Release 3

Wow okay AG came out with a lot of new stuff I want to review it all so here is the 3rd part in the review this will be all the furniture and accessories TAKE IT AWAY!!!

review3 1


This is really cute. I wasn’t so sure about it at first but it is super cute! I love all the little accessories it comes with.

review3 2


OHHHHHHHHHH!!!! This is one of my favorite things in the new line. I love it so much. I am a sporty person and so are my dolls!! I love this. And may buy it!!!

review3 3


This is a little gardening set overpriced to me. I mean it’s cute but my dolls don’t garden. So no I don’t really like this.

review3 4

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!! Poor Rebecca. Why did the change it to pink her PJ”s are pink she definitely needs more colors in here collection!!! 😀
Review3 5


This is Samantha’s garden cart. Or something I don’t really know why it is so high priced it is just a chair and a cart. So No thanks.

review3 6

Addy’s bed I like more that her old one I love the quilt and the pillow it looks very comfy.

review3 7

Hmm I think I liked her old one better but this one is still cute. The pillow looks a little small. I like the bedframe though.

review3 8


This is so cute. I love the color and the little pink button. I may get this

review3 9

I think AG has something against cats. PLZ more cats. I mean the dogs cute and all but I am a cat person.

review3 10


This is very cute and it comes with accessories. A magazine pillow and visor for your doll.

Well thats all for now maybe more later.




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