Meet the Dolls

Here you can learn about, My Dolls!



Name: Emily Reese

Age: 12

About Me: I love all things sports. Especially softball! My favorite books Harry Potter and Hungergames. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii.

Personality: Crazy,Funny,Sporty,Adventurous, and kind.

BFF’s: Kristen and Molly

Fave Color: Midnight Blue and Hot Pink

Fave Animal: Honey Badgers and Otters

Awesome Fact: I am a Marvel Geek!!! πŸ˜€ And dresses are overrated!! Me and Marisol do not get along well. Hmm Emily how is the an awesome fact. I don’t know!!!

Pets: Bunny Lulu and a Dog named Jake

Type: Historical


Name: Kristen Maya

Age: 12 1/2

About Me: I love comic books, I sew my own clothes. I love the Sew Zoey books!!!! Crafting is so awesome I have my own blog.

Personality: Calm,y,Funny,Silly, Caring a little girly

BFF: Marisol and Emily

Fave Color: Red and Glitter

Fave Animal: Dolphins and Kangaroos

Awesome Fact: I have 2 sewing machines and science is the best subject

Pets: A horse named Rosie

Type: Historical


Name: Marisol Jules

Age: 13

About Me: I LOVE HARRY POTTER and I have the most amazing fashion sense. I love the beach. Pineapples taste gross. I own 7 pairs of sunglasses one for each day!!!

Personality: Sassy,Funny,Stylish,Cute,Sweet,Stubborn, AMAZING, Girly

BFF: Kristen and Sam

Fave Color: PURPLE

Fave Animal: Cats and Unicorns (they are real)

Pets: A llama named Startburst and a dog named Milkshake

Type: GOTY 2005 (maybe)


Skateboard 1

Name: Genieve Bella

Age: 12

About Me: I love to travel to new places. I enjoy skating and playing chess. I love to eat new foods surprisingly snails with garlic is delicious! πŸ™‚

Personality: Sweet,Kind, Silly, Prankster at times, Animal Lover.

BFF’s: Kristen and Molly

Fave Color: Blue and Sunset Orange, Pink and Sparkly.

Fave Animal: Sea Turtles and Wolves

Pets: A Foal names Elsa

Type: Historical

school picture 6

Name: Molly Thalia

Age: 13

About Me: One day I want to run for president. I love cooking and baking. Reading is awesome. I am a history person!!!

Personality: Fun,Nice,Funny,not girly,caring,kind,

BFF’s: Sam and Emily

Fave Color: Blue and Red and Yellow

Fave Animal: Ferrets and Sloths

Pets: A ferret named Chocolate Cake

Type: Historical

Now to the Non- AG’s and Ever After Highs

gwen 8

Name: Brooklyn

Age: 13

About Me: I am a competitive soccer player, who has a soft spot for cats. I love to read and write. One day I hope to publish a book. I also enjoy contemporary dance. My quote is “When in doubt write it out”.

Personality: Competitive, Active, Smart, Funny, Outgoing,

BFF: Emily

Fav Color: Maroon

Fav Animal: Jaguars and Ocelots

Pets: 2 cats

Type: Our Generation

Doll Profiles; Alyssa

Name: Alyssa Lila

Age: 12

About Me: I am a dog lover. I enjoy playing with friends,rock climbing, and bird watching I am definitely the nature girl of the family.

Personality: Smart, Outgoing, Kind, Outdoorsy, Funny

BFF’s: Everyone

Fave Color: Royal Purple and Evergreen

Fave Animal: Rabbits and Deer

Pets: A sheepdog named Cookie

Type: Famosa a doll company in Spain.

Doll Profiles; Anna

Name: Anna Kylie

Age: 8

About Me: I am a doll lover. I can sometimes be a royal pain at least that’s what my sisters say. I really like hanging out with Caroline. I hope one day to become a official reindeer herder!! πŸ™‚

Personality: Sassy,Cute,Lovable, Funny, Kind, Animal Gal

BFF’s: Caroline and the Trolls

Fave Color: Green and Purple

Fave Animal: Reindeers and Trolls

Pets: A reindeer names Sven

Type: Disney 3″ Animators

Doll Profiles; Caroline

Name: Caroline Jess

Age: 10

About Me: I am Β a ship master I know the sea’s like the inside of my sewing box. I can navigate the smallest skiff to the biggest cargo boat. I enjoy sailing and growing vegetables. My grandmother is teaching me how to garden and bake delicious treats.

Personality: Kind,Adventurous, Silly, Calm, Sweet

Fave Color: Aqua and Lime Green

Fave Animal: Cats, Fish, and Whales

BFF’s: Anna and Ginger

Pets: A cat named Inkpot

Type: American Girl ‘6

Doll Profiles; Cassie

Name: Cassie Lyn

Age: 16

About Me: I am a fashionista who spent 3 years as an intern in Paris. I enjoy eating pastries and hanging out with family. I am originally from Georgia.

Personality: Fashionista,Sweet, Kind, Quiet, Shy at times

BFF’s: Most of my friends are in Paris but I do have a few friends Maddie and Cerise.

Fave Color: All Pastels

Fave Animal: Pigeons and Spider Monkeys

Pets: None

Type: Monster High


Name: Allison Kim

Age: 11

About Me: Hi, I’m Allison. I love flowers and nature. I am a total beach bum. I enjoy surfing, swimming, and exploring tide pools. I also enjoy reading and playing with my pet dolphin Grace.

Personality: Funny, Nature girl, sweet, adventerous, outgoing

BFF’s: Cassie and Em

Fave Color: Aqua and Sunshine Yellow

Fave Animal: Turtles and Dolphins

Pets: Dolphin named Grace and a kitten named Neptune

Type: Ever After High

kitty 8

Name: Kitty Cheshire

Age: 16

About Me: I’m sneaky and like to play pranks on my roomies Allison and Poppy. Β I like to go outside and climb trees and read. I also have an odd fascination with yarn balls.

Personality: Sneaky, Funny, Outdoorsy, Prankster

BFF’s: Allison and Lizzie

Fave Color: PURPLE!!!!! πŸ˜€

Fave Animal: Cats! Duh..

Pets: My little fox Clara

Type: Ever After High

apple 4

Name: Apple White

Age: 15

About Me: I enjoy apples. Β I enjoy designing clothes, Buying shoes, and getting mani pedi’s. I have 2 servants Lila and Mac. I love to be in charge and never turns down a leading oppurtunity!

Personality: Girly, Bossy, Stylish, Pampered

BFF’s: Holly

Fave Color: Red and Gold

Fave Animal: Elephants

Pets: 1 cat named Smoothie.

Type: Ever After High


Name: Dracelaura

Age: 12

About Me: I’m very quiet.. I love to read and write. I hope one day to publish a book. I love to take nature walks and bird watch. I’m never the person to speak first.. unless. I’m with my sisters. I’m fine with being shy.

Personality: Shy, Sweet, Quiet, Calm, Booky

BFF’s: Cassie

Fave Color: Muted Pink

Fave Animals: Birds and Deer

Pets: A little kitten named Sunny

Type: Monster High









20 thoughts on “Meet the Dolls

  1. I have a question. On the header of your blog it says one of your dolls names is Genevieve, but whenever you use her you spell it Genieve. Is that a typo or am I crazy?


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