Indoor Picnic

Today my dolls had an indoor picnic!!! All told from Kristen’s (POV)

4 1

So first we decided to tell everyone what we were doing this summer. I went first I told everyone about the horse camp I was going to in Georgia!! Marisol said she was going to a 1 week Fashion Design Camp in Fort Worth TX!!!

4 2

Alyssa said she wasn’t going anywhere this summer except to the beach she also informed us that if they saw her contacts anywhere she needed them!!!

4 3

Molly and Sam were going to Hawaii with there Cousin Kassidy this August we were all jealous

4 4

All the sudden Milkshake Marisol’s dog bounded in wearing Alyssa’s shoes.

4 5

He bounded right onto Emily

4 6

Tumbling her over!

4 7

Emily got up and started yelling at Marisol saying Marisol had trained Milkshake to tackle her.

4 9

Suddenly Marisol lunged onto Emily. PREPARE FOR A SISTER WRESTLING BATTLE!!! Marisol cried!!

4 10

They wrestled back and forth!

4 11

Until finally Molly pulled them apart. The whole battle lasted about 10 minutes!!

4 12

Marisol sat down and started brushing her hair.

4 13

I decided we needed a little pie so I went to get the Cherry Pie I had made this morning!!

4 14

After pie we all settled down! And laid down and chatted!!

Hope You liked that Photostory!! 😀

Happy Blogging!


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