Winter in July!

So I took these pictures this February! When it iced snowed!

snow 1

All from Kristens (POV). Me and Emily decided to take a fun trip in the snow!! Emily rode rosie and I got to ride with Cookie the sheepdog. In the sled we made!

snow 2

Emily told Rosie to stop!

snow 3

Soon Emily got of the Rosie!

snow 4

I told Emily I was going to put on my snowshoes!

snow 5

Cookie hopped out and decided to go for a snow walk.

snow 6

Finally I got on my snowshoes!

snow 7

And started walking. It worked!! 😀
snow 8

I felt something on my snowshoe my shoe had gotten caught on a piece of ice.

snow 9

Ooof soon I fell right. Into the ice it was very cold! LOL 🙂

snow 10

Cookie leaped onto me and started licking my face.

snow 11

Finally I told Em that it was getting really cold and we should probably head home!

snow 13

Emily said that was a great idea because Rosie isn’t a big fan of the cold!

snow 15

Soon we headed home it had been a fun day!


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