Today I will be reviewing some things of Rebecca’s things. Rebecca’s books were amazing I really liked them! 😀 Okay so now to Beckie’s things.

r 1

Her meet outfit is so cute the purple looks great with her hair!!


Her holiday outfit is very stylish I love the color. And the shoes are so cute the little straps and the headband is also very nice!


AG actually still sells her origanal meet outfit which I don’t really like I like the shoes and thats it!


Movie dress this one is AMAZING I love the color and the hat is adorable I think Molly would definitely pull this outfit off!!


Her new beach set comes with a chair and these cute postcards I love the outfit the hat and the boots are SO CUTE!! 5 stars


Some people have said her PJ’s are not good well I have grown on them and really do like them AG doesn’t have much that screams girly and well Marisol thinks these PJ are to die for!!

Her Butterfly costume is okay I sorta like it the wings are cool but this outfit is like 48.00 little expensive!


Her costume chest is very cool I love the little accessories so cute!! And the outfits it comes with are cute!!


Her bedroom accessories are very nice I really like the dominoes and the nesting dolls are adorable!! 🙂


Tea Time Traditions

I like this set the bread is very cute and the tea I LOVE It!!!

Thats all for now

Happy Blogging 😀


3 thoughts on “Rebecca

  1. Hey!
    Cute blog! I’m assuming you live in Texas, hence your blog title. I live in Texas as well!



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