Baby Jane’s Birthday

Today is Baby Jane’s birthday!! 😀 Sam, Marisol, and Emily are celebrating. Kristen would love to come but is at a Swedish Baking Competition. All from Jane’s POV (Point of View)

bday 1

Today is my birthday and i am so excited I am turning 6 my super awesome sister have planned a whole morning of fun.

bday 2

Emmy my big sissy said we should play hide and seek my favorite game!

bday 4

Sam said that was a good idea and that Marisol should count.

bday 3

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 my sister counted. We told her to count to 70

bday 5

Emmy hid in the window ledge.

bday 6

I hid in the side yard. (Sorry for the upside down)
bday 7bday 10

Sam hid in the chair. She would like to shout out to all those dolls out there that climbing a human chair is really hard!!!!

bday 23

70!!! Cried Marisol!!

bday 19

(Now it is Marisol’s point of view) FOUND YOU!! I yelled at Emily!!

bday 20

AHHH!! Emily cried as she came tumbling to the ground.

bday 21

I made Emily sit on the ledge of shame!

bday 22

Hmm I looked around on the table for any signs of Jane or Sam! Ahcoo!!

bday 24

I leaped onto the chair and tackled Sam commanding her to go to the ledge of shame!

bday 16

After 10 minutes of searching I gave up!

bday 17

(Janes POV) Marisol I cried as I leaped onto my sister. Marisol said that it was time to open presents!
bday 18

I was so excited to open presesnts!

bday 11

I got a stylish hat from Marisol!!

bday 12

I got Meet Marie Grace from Sam!

bday 13

I got this amazing new backpack from Emmy I love it!! It’s for when I start co-op in the fall (All my dolls are homeschooled)!

bday 15

I was exhausted after a fun morning of birthday celebrating!!

Happy Blogging I hope ya like it!!


PS Jane got a sparkly purple purse from Kristen!!


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