A Pioneer Story

Today I was going to go take some pictures outdoors it looked beautiful out then patter BOOM a storm came so I decided to do the story indoors.

Kristen Plays: Betsy Calaber

Samantha Plays: Audrey Linger

This is a story of 2 girls alone in the wild. All from Betsy’s point of view.

Pioneer 1

Are we there yet Audrey asked me. No but almost I replied I was nervous I could see dark clouds forming ahead of us I didn’t want us to get caught in the storm on are way back to the cabin, finally I saw the cabin.


As soon as we got in the storm came thunder crashed and lightning pierced the sky!! Are little sister Marie started crying.

pioneer 3

WAA!! WA!!! She cried in my arms I tried to comfort her but it was know use.


Audrey said maybe she was hungry she took an apple out of her pocket. And threw it to Marie


Who thought that apple was the most amazing thing!


Soon are kittens came bounding in! They were cold and wet


They snuggled under are covers in my sleeping bag. (I know they probably didn’t have sleeping bags in 1854)


Soon Marie got tired so I tucked her in! All snuggly and warm. She cooed at me and soon was fast asleep.


Audrey said she was nervous what if the barn got torn down or the chicken coop flew because of the high winds away!! I told her everything would be fine!


Soon we got into our nightshirts and settled down for the night!!


Soon we were both fast asleep!!

Thanks for reading!! There will be more parts to this later!!

I would like to thank EnderNate430 my brother for pushing publish on this post!!

Happy Blogging 🙂


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