A review of Alyssa

Okay so Alyssa name was originally Nancy she is manufactured by a company called Famosa http://www.nancyfamosa.es/us thats the link she is a very photogenic doll and so much fun I would reccomend her to anyone who is looking for someone to join there doll family!!

So here she is she only has 7 points of circulation head both legs and both arms. And her hands turn. I warn you though be very careful when you make her sit her legs are a tad bit hard move. At one point I had her leg fall off don’t worry snaps right back on!!


OOPS!! Sorry. Here is a close up of her she has long eyelashes and blue eyes.


Here is her hair it is super easy to maintain and it is SO SOFT then softest doll hair I have ever handled!


Just a pic. Sorry for weird fuzzyness.


Some AG shoes actually fit the clothes though are very baggy!!! 😉


So thats Alyssa hope ya like her. Oh she is also 16 1/2 inches tall!!! 😀

Happy Blogging 🙂


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