My Antique Dolls :D

So someone asked me the other day if I collect any other dolls. I do I collect antique dolls I will show you some pictures!! 😀

antique 1

This is May she was my first doll my grandma gave me her when I was about 7 and I have had her ever since my grandma collects dolls! So thats how I got started. May is wearing a cute green and yellow dress with a cardigan and she has a little stuffed bunny. She also has a bonnet!!

antique 2

This is Margaret I found her at a garage sale for $2.00 or something. She is wearing a Little red Riding hood outfit. She has a cute little dress and a red cloak with a head her hairs it ginger and very curly and shoulder length.

antique 3

Mary is from France she is wearing a black sweater and a tweed skirt with a belt and a blue coat. The hat has an adorable bow. Her hair is also ginger and is chin length.

So those are my Antique dolls 😀

The Summer Goals are going pretty good we haven;t gotten 10 visitiors a day though!! 😀

Happy Blogging 😀


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