A Family Meeting!! :D

Today my dolls had a family meeting Kristen called it she isn’t the oldest but she pretty much runs the household!! Kristens (POV)

disney 3

I Kristen officially call this meeting to order I yelled.

disney 2

Can you make this quick? Asked Marisol I want to keep reading my book You’ll be Like Faye by J.C Buchanan (Totally read it)

disney 7

Marisol be quite said Emily, Guys calm down I called see this picture this is were we will be taking are next VACATION TO DISNEYWORLD IN FLORIDA!!!!!! AHHHH everyone screamed excitedly

disney 4

Sister DOG PILE OF HAPPIENESS called Sam we all gathered in one big group!

disney 5

Sister KANGA line said Molly Cha!! Cha Cha!!

disney 6

Calm down guys!! It didn’t work!! 😀

disney 8

I want to see Ariel exclaimed Emily!

disney 9

I want to see the Chinese Acrobats in Epcot said Molly trying to demonstrate a pose. You’re better on ice I said!!

disney 10

I want to eat at Be our Guest said Marisol. I want to go on Space Mountain said Alyssa!! 😀

disney 11

It turned out to be a great day!!

Just to let y’all know I am actually going to Disney World which doll should I bring comment below!!


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