Cookie’s Back

Cookie’s Back

If ya guys don’t know who cookie is. He is Saige’s dog that got lost when I was moving!! So to the photostory. Kristens (POV)


I was sitting eating a bag of chips and reading a book when Alyssa came bounding in.


KRISTEN CRIED ALYSSA guess what Hannah found in the garage. What I said still looking at my book.


COOKIE SHE CRIED as a furry ball of black and white attacked me with kisses and sloppery licks.


Were was he I said I thought he was lost in the sea of boxes in the garage. Well said Alyssa we found him. I could tell that Alyssa was the happiest person in the world.


Alyssa said she and Cookie needed alone time they cuddled in Alyssa’s bed.


Hey Kristen said Emily I’m going to the batting cages. What was all the ruckus in here. Oh I said nothing just that Cookie’s back.


WHAAAAAAATT!!!! cried Em dropping the bat!!


COOKIE she cried leaping onto Alyssa’s bed.


Cookie was very excited to see Emily!!


Cookie also showed us his new friend Henry.


Aww cried Emily I’m going to keep him!!


happy blogging ๐Ÿ™‚ I just posted a new vid on Youtube my first AG Stop Motion (AGSM)


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