Marisol is sick


I woke up and I saw the sun shining I tried to sniff the fresh air but *cough* cough* Uggh I felt horrible I looked at my clock 12:23.


Marisol said Kristen your up finally I’ll go get you some breakfast a doctor is coming at 3:00. Okay I mumbled softly.


As Kristen walked away I sat up and turned on the TV.


There ya go said Kristen putting a tray with food on my lap your favorite Veggie Egg salad! Thanks I said!


I ate my breakfast while watching Good Luck Charlie!


Soon Sam came in and said she hoped I felt better. 🙂


The doctor is also coming she said. *groan* UGGGH I said I snuggled under the covers.


Soon the doctor came in she looked all fuzzy must be the tiredness or something I thought. She looked much different from any doctor I had seen she had brown hair in a bun and was wearing a plaid skirt hidden by a apron she had a white shirt on and calf high black boots.


Hi she said I am Dr. Mal Hi I said meekly.


She took a light and checked my eyes nose and mouth. She said that I should get some rest and would check out more after my nap! 😦


As I layed down I wondered what sickness did I have would I ever get better!


Soon I drifted off to sleep.


Kristens (POV). So whats the sickness I asked. I don’t know said Dr.Mal when she wakes up I have a test.


Marisol’s POV. Ahh that was a good nap *cough cough*


(Sorry bout the blur) Stand up said Dr.Mal okay I said I have been standing since I was 2.


I stood up for a second and then slumped onto the bed I can’t do it I said. I was afraid of that said Mal the sickness you have has paralyzed your legs!!!

Yes folks 😦 Marisol needs a wheelchair now I am going to get her one all of the sisters feel so bad for Marisol!! Stay tuned for part 2

Happy Blogging 😀


4 thoughts on “Marisol is sick

    1. Yes! The later posts.. I need to edit! If you look at some newer posts they are grammatically correct. Part 2 never came out because.. of well.. just it never happened. Thanks for commenting!


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