The Life of Mia Anderson

So if you haven’t looked at AGdollawesomes new photo series about a famous girl!! It is so cool so thats what gave me the idea of The Life Mia. So here it goes oh and here’s the cast list.

Kristen: Mia Anderson

Emily: Magenta (Maggie) Bollan

Marisol: Kylie Matthews

Molly: Joanna Moke


It had been a super long day it was only 3:00 but I had filmed 5 scenes in a movie had a photoshoot and I still had another photoshoot a premire party. I was POOOPED!! Oh by the way my name is Mia I am 13 years old and a big STAR I have been in movies,magazines, and I sing. So that sums up my life.


Sweetie how ya doin my mom said coming into my room. Great I replied. Sweetie I know this is hard said my mom but you still have fun. Ya mom I guess I said. Well darling Kylie will be here later. (Kylie is my agent and stylist). And someone is here to see  you mom said. Alright I replied.


Hey Girl! My BFF Maggie said. MAGGIE I CRIED. It’s been forever like 2 hours I cried!!

Sorry this is short stay tuned for part 2


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