Katniss Everdeen

Okay sorry for not posting lately I have been busy I have a drama camp and we had a performance last night we also have on Sat. and today!! So I made this post because they new Hungergames Mockinjay Part 2 trailer came out IT WAS SO AWESOME!! So I decided to take some pictures of Molly dressed as Katniss!! Here we go!! (May the odds be ever in your favor)


As I got on my boots. I heard rustling of the covers.


I walked over to the bed and saw my sister Prim getting up. Hi! Katniss she said then she started crying. Whats wrong I asked? The reaping she said in a quiet voice Sweetie you were entered once I said. You won’t get picked. Now I have to go hunt be back later!!


My mother gave me my coat and a big hug! BE safe she whispered.


I got on my coat and headed out the door! 🙂

As I got to the whole in the fence I climbed through!!


I climbed a tree looking for game. I didn’t see a single animal.


I walked up and sat on a ledge. NO GAME!! Uggh what will we eat I thought. Well we can always have the cheese from Lady I thought.


As 1:15 rolled around I headed back.

Hope you liked it!!

Happy Blogging!! 😀


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