The Sisterhood of Bloggers Award


I have been nominated by Anna of Dolls Weekly.

1. What fandoms are you in?
Harry Potter and Hungergames
2. Favorite sport?
Softball and Rollerblading
3.Outside or inside?
4. Are you a morning person?
5. Chocolate or candy?
5. Have you been to an AG store?
Yes the AG Place Chicago and Dallas
6. Who is your favorite GOTY?
7. Are you an extrovert or introvert?
8. Cupcakes or cake?
9. What is your favorite number?
10. Do you like fruit? (I don’t – I am weird like that, and my mom wanted me to ask this)
Only Strawberries
Now to My Questions
Cats or Dogs?
Fiction or Non Fiction?
Favorite Band?
Favorite Pair of PJ’s? (explain how they look)
Fall or Spring?
Unicorns or Griffins?
Favorite TV show?
Do you like rain?
Do you collect anything?
Do you read the AG Mag?
JLY,GOTY, or Historical?
Those were Anna’s Questions!!
Now to nominate 10 people
Thats all I could think of!! 🙂

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