A Yoga Diaster

Okay is that not like the funnest name for a post!! πŸ˜€ Please comment below if you want to see more of Princess Academy!! πŸ˜€

NOW TO THE YOGA!!! Kristens (POV)

yoga 1

It was a hot summer morning. So I decided to do yoga.

yoga 2

I started with the sun salute. CRACK!! That was my back.

yoga 3

DOWNWARD DOG!! Wee I cried as I fell on my hands into the dog.

yoga 4

What are you doing? Asked Em. Yoga Duh!! I said. Can I try asked Emily sure I said!!

yoga 6

Em (POV) Okay I’m ready I said woo woo!!

What do I do I asked Kristen?


THE PLANK said Kristen do that it’s the simplest move.


I tried and UHHH! Oww I said. I stink at this.

Great job you taught me how to not do yoga said Kristen. Hey!!! I said

yoga 9

One minute be right back I called to Kristen.


I grabbed my Ipod and set it on the Ipod Dock and turned on my favorite music Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Lets Dance I said.


That was me dancing!!


Please stop cried Kristen your dancing looks like a llama having a seziure!!


Man I need a water break I said.


I am going to the store said Kristen hopefully there will be no more dancing!!

Happy Blogging πŸ˜€

PS Does anyone know if the doll I showed in the last post Tessa. Is her hair hard to maintain!! πŸ™‚


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