Ice and Fire Episode 1

Here is my new Photostory Series Ice and Fire. Here is the cast!! 😀

Molly: June Amber

Emily: Teacher Isabella

Kristen: Abbie Clarkson

Marisol: Dr.Clarissa Genkins

Ice and Fire 1

I was sitting at my desk waiting for Miss Isabella’s class to start.

Ice and Fire 2

When a girl walked in she had blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked familiar but I couldn’t place it.

Ice and Fire 3

She came and sat at the desk next to me then she asked me…………..

ice and fire 11

Hi she said my name is Abbie.

ice and fire 2 2

Oh hello!!! I said I’m I’m…… June

ice and fire 33

Hello class I am Miss Isabella I will be your teacher this year for Language we will be reading the book Little Women put first please right a quick paragraph on what you did this summer.

ice and fire 4

As soon as I had finished my paragraph the lunch bell rang.

ice and fire 5

I sat under a tree. I didn’t know anyone yet so I sat alone until….

ice and fire 6

Is anyone sitting here?asked Abbie the girl who sat next to me in Homeroom.

ice and fire 7

No I said you can sit here.

ice and fire 8

Thanks she said. (Sorry for my finger there was a glare so I couldn’t really see my pictures)

ice and fire 9

She had brought for lunch grapes,raisins, a donut, and a sandwich!

ice and fire 1o

I had brought PB and J a orange and a cupcake!!

ice and fire

Soon we started talking she told me that she was an only child and had just moved here from her apartment in Chicago IL.

I told here I had moved from Arizona this summer and that I had one younger brother named Kyle.


Soon I got really cold and it was 80 out………….. I started to shiver


I am SO sorry Abbie said as. When I looked at her snow flakes were dangling in her hand.


It’s okay I said I can do the same thing with fire!! Wow said Abbie. yeah I said ya know I think were going to go on to be best friends!!


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