So Samantha is my first doll. And I don’t feature her enough so today is Sam’s day to shine on The Dolls of Texas!! So today Sam went to the aquarium and took some pictures.

Sam 1

So today I went to the aquarium. My favorites were the mine seals. 🙂


Here they are aren’t they cute there names were Harmony,Paul,Winter, and Pup!


I saw a cool fish it was a rare sparkle fish!! 😀
sam 3

After looking at more fish I decided it was time to go home and I got a souvenir a stuffed octopus.

Now I will show you my room.


Here is me in my bedroom!!


Here is my Dolls and teddy bear named Sweetie.


And here is my nightstand.

So thats the ENd sorry not much posting today I am making some Youtube videos!!!!

Happy Blogging!!

Oh and check out the meet the dolls page cause i updated Sam’s profile!! 😀


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