The Mysterious Letter

Told in the POV of Emily


I was sitting on my bed eating my chips and reading my book when…..

letter 3

Emily Marisol said she got a letter from someone. But it’s Sunday I said. I don’t know she said just get your butt down here.

Alright Alright I said.


Okay said Marisol this Family Meeting is now in order.


Wait cried Alyssa. Who came over (By the way she has a cold)


Who is it from? Where did it come from? Is it from Europe?


QUIET!!!!!! Said Marisol. I am going to start reading the letter.


We all listened it said…..


Dear, Kristen,Samantha,Emily,Molly, and Marisol. My name is Grace and your lovely owner has graciously let me come to live with you. I will be coming Novemeber sometime and cannot wait to meet you all. It will be such a pleasure I really hope you will let me cook.

Part 2 later

happy blogging

*UPDATE* This did never happen sadly! I got a vid cam instead!! 🙂


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