Alyssa goes to the Pool!!

Alyssa goes to the Pool!!


Today I decided to go swimming at the pool. I packed my bag with everything I needed Sun Screen, a book, towel, and a snack.


As soon as I got to the pool I spread out my towel. 🙂

Then I swam a few laps!! SPLASH!!! 😀

I loveeeeeee going of the diving board here is my signature dive!!


WEEE!!!! Splash.


After some more swimming I decided it was time to take a break!! I re sunscreened and read my book while having some carrots.


Then it was time for my backflip!!


WOO HOO!!! I said as I backflipped off of the diving board into the pool.


After about another hour of swimming I went home it had been a fun day at the pool!!

I hoped you liked that photo-story

Be sure to keep an eye out on my youtube channel new awesome vid coming soon!!!! 😀

Happy Blogging 🙂


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