Ice and Fire Episode 2/Season 1/

ice and fire episode 2

I was sitting down eating dinner with mom. So how was school today sweetie? Fine I said. Everything okay asked mom. I’m fine I said, and I’m done. I have homework.

fire and ice e 2

I stomped away going to my room.

fire and ice e 1 3

I sat in my room hugging the doll my dad had gave me. I tried to remember the days in Arizona. When I would come home from school with dad there. That was before we moved and he got transferred  to Afganistan for the Army. Now it was just me and mom had, been that way for almost 4 months now.

ice and fire e 2 4

Mom came and popped up into my bed. How ya doing honey? Okay I guess.  Whats wrong she asked? Nothing I said quietly.

ice and fire 2 6

I mean yes, something is wrong. A girl at school found out about my powers. She has them to her name is Abbie.

ice and fire e 2 5

It’ll be alright sweetie. Just try to not show it. I am afraid there may be people who think you are dangerous and….


Alright dear goodnight. What did you mean mom I’m dangerous. Oh nothing dear.

ice and fire6

Goodnight mom. Night. That night I sat in bed thinking about, what mom had said. The words dangerous floated in my head. Was I dangerous? Is that what people thought? I fell asleep with those thoughts still etched in my brain.

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