A Day in the Life of a Homeschooled Doll


*Snore snore snore*


It was a beautiful morning when I woke up the sun was shining birds chirping. It was 9:30am!! (I sleep in cause I am homeschooled)

homeschool 3

I walked into the kitchen to see what was for breakfast. I hoped Kristen didn’t eat all of those chocolate chip muffins I thought.

homeschool 4

I looked in the fridge a blast of icy air came at me YES!! I said 1 muffin left I also grabbed a Strawberry Yogurt.

Homeschool 5]

I started to scarf down my breakfast. MMMM!!! 😉

homeschool 6

Then I went to go watch TV yes the Price is Right was on!!!

homeschool 8

School Time. Samantha was already half-way done with her work she started at like 8:00 am. But I prefer to sleep in.

homeschool 9

I looked in my desk and grabbed my folder with all my work in it.

homeschool 10

I started working on my Mutiplication Sheet just review school doesn’t official start for us dolls till AUG. 24. Then I remembered I had to practice my guitar at least I had half the sheet done.

homeschool 12

I started playing my guitar. *guitar music*. I was practicing Let it Go!!

homeschool 15

I kept practicing and then I had to get back to schoolwork!!


Okay some updates.

The Letter Part 2 will not come out.

I will probably be updating my youtube channel with channel art and an opening video

I may be doing some craft post

So thats all for now!!

Happy Blogging 😀


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