A Review of Julie’s Line

I really like Julie her outfits definitely so I will review her stuff I really want to review all AG historical lines I have done Rebecca and Caroline!!! πŸ˜€ (Prices may not be accurate)

julie 1



This is a limited edition outfit. I think it’s cute, the skateboard looks a little small though I probably won’t get it. I do love the shirt though.

julie 2

Maxi Dress


Umm I don’t know about this maybe it’s just the way it looks on the doll I mean it’s okay I really like the shoes,headband and bracelet I think if they just sold the accesories it would be cool!!

julie 3

Tunic Outfit


I love this outfit the shirt and pants look great together I think the shoes are so unique the tunic would look great with lots of things and the pants would like nice with lots of shirts!! I really love this outfit totally on my list!!

julie 5

Funky Flower


I LOVE this outfit the dress is a little short though the belt is a great addition the white boots are amazing the are so 70’s!!!

julie 7



I sorta like this outfit it’s cute I probably wouldn’t get it.

julie 8

Winter Coat


This outfit seems over-priced $34 for just a coat and hat. I really like the outfit the purple and the fur would look great on Marisol!! If it went I sale I would consider getting it.

julie 9

Regular Meet Outfit


I think this outfit is adorable it has so much yellow in it is really cute. The pants and vest are my favorite american girl doesn’t have many vests so I love it. Great Outfit would look great on any doll!!

julie 10



This set seems REALLY over-priced it looks very cheap. The owl clock is cute. The AG’s don’t look like they could even fit on the seat. And the hairbrush can’t be used it’s weird AG is always saying only use the special hairbrush for dolls hair ann then they but in a hairbrush that can’t be used. Maybe in stores it is different but I don’t know.

julie 13



I really like this set the food looks realistic and the lunchbox has a cute design I already have Molly’s lunchbox so I won’t get this.

Thats all for now!! πŸ˜€

Happy Blogging


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