The Adventures of Mini AG’s

Mini 1

(Ginger’s POV) We were just sitting around wondering what to do when Caroline had an idea why don’t we go and explore the  human house the dolls aren’t home so we won’t get in trouble!!

mini 2

All in favor raise your hands me me me!! So we went off.
mini 3

We went over to our sisters house and asked if they had any advice for exploring the human house.

mini 4

They told us a little advice and also gave us provisions of cookies,salad, and apples. Then we had to be on our way.

mini 5

First we went to the bloggers room. It was big and a tad bit messy!! LOL we looked over the pillow to make sure no older dolls where there clear. We had to find a way to get to the bed.

mini 6

so we did the Mini AG Tower!!! 🙂
mini 7

Finally we made it to the pillow laden land of softness!! 😀
mini 8

WOOO HOO we explored the land I rode the stuffed unicorn Caroline was climbing the Leaning Tower of Fluff and well who knows what was Marie Grace was doing!! 🙂
mini 9

I also jumped on the pillow like a trampoline!!
mini 10

Then we had a problem how to get down!!

mini 11

I knew. Marie Grace I called bend your knees. WHat she said!!!

mini 12

AHHH!! We all tumbled to the floor in laughter! Hey lets go to the downstairs said Marie-Grace!! 😉
mini 14

Weee all of us jumped down the banister!!

mini 15


mini 16

Finally we made it to the end!! 🙂

Look For Part 2 Soon!!

Happy Blogging 🙂

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