Emily’s Babysitting Adventure

baby 1

I was sitting at my desk doing my math work sheet.

baby 2

When my phone rang I picked it up and said Hello this is Emily. Hello said the voice on the other end of the phone this is Mrs. Johnson I was wondering if you could come and babysit Annie like in 20 minutes my boss just called an emergency meeting at work and all my other babysitters are booked. I’ll be right over Mrs. Johnson I said.

baby 3

I started packing my bag with all the essentials notebook,water bottle, snacks, a ball, and a stuffed monkey for playtime.

baby 4

As I walked out the door I waved good-bye Sam.

baby 5

As I got to the house I knocked on the door. *knock knock*

baby 6

Hello dear said Mrs. Johnson as she opened the door come on in.

baby 7

Okay said Mrs.Jonson Annie just had breakfast so you should feed her around noon or one. She always goes for a nap right after lunch oh and here is my number and our neighbor Ms. Grace’s. Alrighty I said. Goodbye now called Mrs.Johnson! πŸ™‚

baby 8

I sat on the rug right next to Annie. Hi Annie I said goo gah she replied as she sat and played with a little stuffed horse.

baby 10

Here Annie lets play with a ball I said getting a white ball out of my backpack and rolling it to her.

baby 11

YAY she said as she caught the ball.

baby 12

baby 14

Time for lunch I said setting her on the couch.

baby 13

Here ya go I said getting a spoonful of peas. Yummy said Annie clapping. πŸ™‚
baby 14

I picked up Annie because it was naptime.

baby 15

I swaddled her in a blanket.

baby 16

A little while later Mrs.Jonhson came home. Was she good she asked? Very Good I replied.

baby 17

Thanks for watching her said Mrs.Johnson giving me a $20 dollar bill. Thank you I said. πŸ™‚

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