Maryellen Review

Eeek!! The new Maryellen came out I was looking forward to her coming out on Aug 26th I was so excited and then the 27th it wasn’t till like 9:00 that I was like the new Maryellen came out today!! πŸ™‚

Mary Ellen

SHE is so cute I really hope to get her. I love her hair and her bangs I think she would also look good with freckles!! πŸ™‚
mary 1

Oh I just love her PJ’s they are so cute I love way the top is puffy. The slippers are cute they could also be used as regular shoes.

mary 2

This is like my favorite thing of her collection. I love the peter pan collar and the little bow tie thingy the headband is adorable as well and I like that it comes with socks.

mary 3

This outfit is pretty cute I really like the shoes and the tank top I also like that it comes with capri’s AG doesn’t really have many outfits that comes with capri’s. I may get this outfit.

mary 4

I have to say I am not the biggest fan of this outfit it may be the dress is just to fancy I think it is cute but I probably won’t be getting it.

mary 5

This is very cute I think the dress is to short though it was the same with Molly’s skating skirt too. I love the dress though the snowflakes add a nice touch.

mary 6

This is adorable but a little over priced at like 90.00 I think it’s cool and all that you can hook it up to an Ipod but I won’t get it.

mary 7

What a cute little couch I love that it pulls out into a sofa bed the chevron blanket is so cute the little pillows are also cute but this is a tad expensive for my liking 150.00 but that doesn’t mean I can dream!! LOL

mary 8

THIS IS SO COOL!!! You can make a movie on your ipad and then put it in a little slot so your doll can watch a movie that you made so AWESOME!!!! πŸ™‚ I would love to get this I like that there’s a little record player too.

mary 9

This is okay I guess the lamp is pretty and the newspaper is nice but I just am not a fan.

mary 10

Aww this is so cute but please american girl make cats if Β you have something against them just tell us now it would save all bloggers a lot of typing!! LOL. But I actually love Scooter especially the little plaid collar.

mary 11

It’s cute but I would like it if there was more to it like some text books or a little apple for the teacher also what’s with the alphabet flash cards.

mary 12

I love this set I love how the cap matches the PJ’s and how the curlers actually work I also like the little drawstring bag. LOVE IT!!!

I really like Maryellens collection is anyone getting the doll I want too!!

Happy Blogging Everyone

P.S If anyone remembers the letter post saying Grace was coming that may not be true I am really liking Maryellen!! πŸ™‚


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