Kristen’s New Pet

Hamster 1

I was sitting on the floor thinking of how the summer had flown by.

hamster 2

When my sister Alyssa came up holding a little furry hamster in her hands. Happy Back to School she cried.

hamester 3

What I said as she set the little hamster in my hands. It’s for you she said my Best Friend Mackenzie’s hamster had babies so I thought that you might like one.

hamster 4

I love her I said as the little furry ball scurried up my arm.

hamster 5

I think I will name you Autumn I said because you came to me in Autumn.

hamster 6

Here ya go said Alyssa setting a cage in front of me. Aww thanks I said setting Autumn in the cage.

hamster 7

Well I’m off to dance class said Alyssa.

hamster 8

I watched as Autumn explored her new home.

hamster 9

I was so happy YAY FOR HAMSTERS!!! 😀

The End

If you are wondering how to make the hamster cage here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzUK4Y57T_8

Happy Bloggig


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