A Review on the New AG Releases

AG !

I love this outfit it looks so cute!! It is a little bit dizzying with the distressed leggings and the zebra top. I love it though. I really want this outfit and the doll is cute.

AG 2

This set is so cute. I love the little salt shaker and the candy boxes. I would like to see though if the popcorn machine actually opens!! 😀
AG 3

This sofa is okay I mean like it but it’s 60.00!! 🙂 Maybe….

AG 4

I don’t like this new gymnastics outfit because their is no leotard. But it’s cute.

AG 5

This outfit is really adorable. I like the color of the leotard and the hula hoop is fun!!

AG 6

SO CUTE!!! I love this outfit it is girly but not like pink…. sparkle. It’s SO CUTE!!! I really want this outfit for Emily’s Christmas Outfit. Totally want it.

AG 7

I sorta like this one. I don’t know though but ya it is SUPER cute!!! I love the neckline and the shoes are nice.

AG 8

These are okay. I love the shrug but I don’t know what you would use the gift bag for I mean you could totally make one.

AG 9

I love this Christmas outfit. I love the way the long back front short look. I also love the roses on the top.

AG 11

This outfit is very cute. The boots are adorable and the sweater is a nice array of colors.

AG 12

I love these the hat is so cute and the vest doesn’t look to poofy.

American Girl 2

I love this set I think Maryellens is nicer. But this one is cute too.

AG 13

I really like this scene I don’t have any but I may get this for pictures.

AG 1o

These are cute. The look to much like the old ones though. 🙂

Happy Blogging Everyone

Hope everyone had a great sunday!! 🙂


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