Dolls+Legos= Sister Fun

Lego 1

I was walking toward the doll house.

Lego 2

When I saw Molly sitting on the floor playing with her Lego’s!! šŸ™‚
Lego 3

Hi Mollster I said tapping her on the shoulder.

Lego 4

WAA!! Cried Molly!!

Lego 5

You scared me she said. Sorry I said sitting down across from here. Can I play? Sure she said smiling.

Lego 6

I’m going to be her I said picking up a blonde hair blue eyed girl. I’ll call here Bella I said.

Lego 7

I’ll be her said Molly picking up a girl with Wildstyle hair and blue eyes. I’ll call her Lila said Molly.

Lego 8

Then I spotted something on the ground.

Lego 9

AHHH I cried Harry Potter I totally have to be him!! šŸ™‚
Lego 11

I got him at Legoland in FL. So AWESOME I said!

Lego 12

NEIGH!! I said picking up Ā a white horse!
Lego 14

Shark Attack said Molly!! Shoving a shark at me.

Lego 15

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I said please spare me.

Lego 16

Ahh I cried attacking Molly!! In the end we both ended up in a heap of giggles!!


Did you like that? šŸ™‚

Happy Blogging


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