Anna Gets Packing

Vaca 1

YAY!! I was so excited to be going to Disney World in 2 days!! 🙂
Vaca 2

I got my suitcase out of my closet!! It was time to get packing!! 🙂
Vaca 4

I also got a new swim suit just for the occasion. 🙂

Vaca 5

I also packed my bear. Sven what are you doing I asked. *grunt* I know you want to go on vacation but I don’t think Geeky_Girl will let you.

Vaca 6

Don’t worry I’ll sneak you on boy!! 🙂

Vaca 8

My sister walked down the stairs. What are you doing? She asked. Packing duh I answered. Why? Didn’t mom tell you that you have like a whole bedroom on wheels for the plane. WHAT!!!
Vaca 9

See said Jackie pointing at a pink box with stuff in it!! AWESOME!!! I said. 😉

vaca 10

Look at all this stuff a tea set my diary, cake!! What next.

Vaca 11

Look she even remembered my doll I said!!

vaca 12

WEE!! I cried jumping on to my bed!!

Vaca 13

This is going to be the best vacation EVER!!!!!!! 😀

Yes I will be leaving for vacation in 2 days!! I won’t be back till next Wednesday! So no posting but when I come back I will hopefully have tons of pictures of Anna!! I won’t be bringing any AG dolls just Anna and Sven!! 🙂

Happy Blogging

Have a Great Labor Day

Geeky_Girl 🙂

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