Dance Class Fiasco

Dance 1

ATTENTION!!! Alrighty sisters today I will teach you the art of dance!

dance 2

First lets start with a simple dance move kick you foot…

dance 3

OH OH!! I can dance watch this. Marisol please wait till after the show… Here I go!!
dance 4


dance 5

AND DOWN!!! And shimmy!!

dance 6

And end with the splits.

dance 8

Please Marisol just wait till after practice. 🙂

dance 9

OH I can dance too. Molly please just wait. It’ll only take a second.


Upmh!! Oopsie!!

dance 10

I can do that too!! (Sorry about the blurry picture!

dance 13

Ta da!! Just like the amazing uncoordinated Molly!! 🙂

dance 12

I am not teaching anymore! Class dismissed


How did you like that? 🙂

Oh and Emily was playing the guitar in the back round!

Happy Blogging


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