I’m Back

Why hello everyone! I’m back from my vacation we went to Disney World in FL!! It was tons of fun here are some pictures that I took while on the airplane with Anna I do also have more pictures!

Air 1

Here Anna is at like 6:45 or something it was still dark out!! πŸ™‚

air 2

Waiting for the plane.

air 3

I think I’m to short to be a carry on. LOL xD

air 4

WEEE!! Now where on the plane headed to Florida!! YAY

air 5

Safety Instructions always helpful!!

air 6

Barf Bag sleeping bag. πŸ˜€
air 7

Air Sick!!

air 8

I am riding a unicorn on a plane.

air 9

Here’s a picture of some type of horned thingy outside our window at our resort!

air 10

Feeling the fresh air!!

So that was my vacation I have lots more pictures that I will post later! πŸ˜‰

Happy Blogging

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