YAY!! Thank You AGdollawesome for awarding me the Infinity Dreams Award!!

Q:  Salted or unsalted peanuts?

A:  Salted The Saltier the better

Q:  flat or pop up stickers?

A:  Pop UP!!! 😀

Q:  what is the worst part about receiving this award?

A:  Nothing

Q:  Butterflies or dragonflies?

A:  Butterflies!

Q:  what gets on your nerves the most?

A:  Hmm I don’t know!

Q:  would you rather be really hot or freezing?

A:  freezing.

Q:  Are you a morning person?

A:  yes!

Q:  Would you rather model clothes or design them?

A:  design!

Q:  Facebook or Instagram?

A:  I don’t have either of them so neither

Q:  Do you like taking photos of dolls, flowers, or animals?

A:  Dolls

Q:  Do you like seeing beaches or sunsets?

A:  Beaches

So now to the nominations!! 🙂



My Doll Life



And thats all!!

Happy Blogging


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