The Magic Oven


It was a rainy afternoon and I was sitting on the floor watching Brownie the family ferret scurry around.


Hey said Molly coming behind me. Want to help me make cupcakes for the annual Kitty Shelter bake sale. Uh sure I replied.

Lets go get the supplies.


Here are the supplies said Molly you grab some I’ll grab some.


Alrighty lets get to the kitchen!


What BRB I called GTG get something. Alright called Molly I’ll get everything organized. ๐Ÿ™‚


Here I said lets turn on some EDM (electronic dance music I love it)


Lets get cookin. 1/4 cup of fruity crunch. Got it I said!


Flour and Sugar. GOT IT!! (am I just like her personal servant chef)


Mixy Mixy!! Thanks for letting me mix I said to Molly. No prob she said.


Okay now everything is in its spot!!


Now there in the oven said Molly just wait 30 minutes for the ding.

30 minutes later!!!


ding!!!ย Oh Marisol’s asleep. I’ll get em.


Woah I said as I took them out of the oven the came out in all different shapes and sizes and FLAVORS!! Magical Oven I thought to myself. Hey MAYBE I’M A WIZARD LIKE HARRY POTTER!!


WOW!! I said again.

The End

How did you like that? I had fun making it thats for sure!!

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