School Day

Okay so all my dolls are homeschooled but today is a photostory staring a girl named Jessica.

school 1

First here is the pencil I made!! I used markers and circle toothpicks.

school 3

As I sat down in my desk. I wondered what boring story Mrs. Hilgar was going to tell today.

school 4

Hello Class said Mrs. Hilgar today I have a very special announcement POP QUIZ!! *groans*

school 5

Uggg!! I groaned. Well I better start!!

school 6

Hey I said looking at the paper this is easy!! I started frantically scribbling on the paper.

school 7

Finished I said. RING!!! Lunch yay I said. I have to first feed Quibbles the hamster.

school 8

There you go I said setting down the bowl of food in the cage. TIME FOR LUNCH!!

The End

Is anyone else in the blog world homeschooled if so comment I!!

Happy Blogging

Geeky_Girl ❀


8 thoughts on “School Day

  1. Yes! I am homeschooled! πŸ™‚ Homeschooling is the best! (It means you can comment on blogs in the middle of the day!:P)



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