What is she doing?

Lego 12

So what is she doing? Comment the caption for this photo!! Next week! I will pick 2 winners!!

Happy Blogging


7 thoughts on “What is she doing?

  1. Emily: *horse noise*

    Molly: And stretch and strectch

    Emily: Molly are we not supposed be playing

    Molly: play by yourself. I’m busy

    Emily: Too busy touching your toes is it?


  2. Emily: No, Molly! This horse goes here! It specifically states it in the instructions!
    Molly: well this horse is special.
    Emily: Oh really?
    Molly: Her name is peppy princess and she shoots rainbows out of her butt and she saves everyone when their toast burns.
    Emily: you just made that up.
    Molly: okay, okay, I ll put this horse in the right place!


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