A Normal Saturday

Sat. 1

*scribble* Done!! I thought!! I had now finished my homework time to go play softball!!

Sat. 2

And 1 and 2 and 3 and jazz hands!! Yes I had accomplished the move now to the whole 2nd half!! 🙂
Sat. 3

Off to ice skating practice! Maybe I should’ve put the skates on after I got there!! 🙂 LOL
So that was really short but I want to show you a pic of a new doll room I am making!! 🙂
Sat. 4

This is the start of Molly’s room I have a bed and a nightstand I am going to get some posters and make some throw pillows! 🙂

Happy Blogging


3 thoughts on “A Normal Saturday

  1. i love this photostory! But here is a tip to make your stories much more readable:
    use Quotation Marks! That way, you readers can know when to separate talking sentences and just plain sentences.
    Ex: “I absolutely LOVE softball!” Marisol explained,
    “I prefer skating,” Said Alyssa.

    I am absolutely NOT trying to be mean, but I am just suggesting that you do this so that you wwill get more followers and commenters! hope this helps!
    xoxo Samantha


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