Fire and Ice Episode 3

This is a must asked matter. I am quite happy to keep going on this photo-story!! I can’t wait for all you followers out there to see it!! 🙂 Lets get a going. 😀

Fire and Ice Episode 1<—- Don’t have a clue about whats going on. Take a minute to look at this and that!!

Fire and Ice Episode 2/ Season 1 <— Here for the other episodes

Fire and Ice E 3

Where is that henchwoman? He better have found those wretched girls. The are dangers to society. The are weapons that could destroy the world. I must have them.

Fire and Ice E 2


Fire and Ice E 4

Good Afternoon ma’m. Hello Alastir. Now where are they? Umm…. ma’m the men and I couldn’t find them, but search teams 2 and 3 are searching for them as we speak.

Fire and Ice E 5

I told you I wanted those girls NOW. You disappoint me Alastir. I am going to have to send in Magesty now to do the job.

Fire and Ice E 6

GRRRRR…….. *snarl*

Fire and Ice E 7

Sniff this girl and go find those girls. *evil laugh* *sniff*

Fire and Ice E 8

Now away!! You better find them or else……..


How did you like that?

Happy Fall


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