What is she doing?


Hmm what is she doing? SO the rules you comment with a dialougue of what the dolls are doing. This Sun. or something I will pick 3 semi-winners and then you vote out of the 3 and then on Thur. of next week. The WINNER WILL BE PROCLAIMED and win……………. nothing. Sorry! LOL šŸ™‚ So have fun!

Happy Blogging


3 thoughts on “What is she doing?

    Samantha: forget it Molly there’s a bed right behind us let’s just hit the hay
    Molly: *whispers under her breathe while samantha sleeps* well this IS NOT a team effort


  2. Molly: Get your cookies! Get your pastries! Get your….
    Samantha: *shoves her hand over Molly’s mouth* SHHH… This is so embarrassing.
    Molly: *muffled* I want to make some money!


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