Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!!

Thank you Loren for awarding me this award!! I love getting awards. So here it is the questions! 🙂

What is your fave animal?

Oh wow… this is really hard. I am a total animal lover! I would have to say my favorites are ocelots, honey badgers, dolphins, sloths, and tapirs!

Flip flops, sneakers, or boots?

Boots any type dress hiking I love em all!

Fave season?

Fall or Spring

Fave holiday?

Christmas all the way!

Fave movie?

Hmm.. this is SUPER hard I have many favorites but my all time favs would probably be Goonies, Princess Bride, All Marvel Movies, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Princess Diaries, Harry Potter. My fav show is X-Files!

Fave song?

Hmm I like Brave and Carry Me by Moriah Peters! I also really love any Lindsey Stirling song!

Fave singer?

Hmmm… I don’t know I like Moriah Peters and this isn’t a singer but I LOVE Lindsey Stirling. I also love EDM music (electronic dance music)

Fave Disney Princess?


Dresses, skirts, or pants?

Pants!! I like dresses but pants give so much more mobility!

Fave store?

I like Justice, Claires, Kohls, the American Girl Store!!

Thank You Loren for this awesome award! 😀






Morgan P


and Kelsi Walker

The Questions

Fav Movie?

Fav type of music?

Weird Fact?

Fav Animal?

Unicorns or Pegusas’s?

Flowers or Trees?

Fav Singer?

Favorite Instrument?

Kittens or Dogs?

Fun Fact?

So happy blogging y’all


Geeky_Girl ❤


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