Millie’s Camping Trip

Millie is also known as Maddie Hatter.  I changed her name because I love the name Millie.  So now she is known as Millie Klark.  So now onto the photo-story. 🙂
camping 1

Isn’t a great day for camping? I asked my fluffy grey cat Graystripe. Meow she replied. Ahh!! It’s a good day to go camping with your cat I said.

camping 2

This looks like a great spot. Better set up camp.

camping 3

There I said smoothing out my sleeping bag.

camping 4

Soon a big gust of wind came through. Brr!! I said. I better change.

camping 5

There I thought much better. Now to explore. 🙂

camping 6

I climbed a tree!!

camping 7

I crossed a little bridge and then I heard a deep rumble. Man, I thought I’m hungry.

camping 8

Yum!! I ate some bread with peach jam on it.

camping 9

Quickly, night fell. I gazed at the stars and fell fast asleep.


How did you like that? I had a lot of fun making it. The weather was beautiful. By the way the About Me, The Blogger page has been updated!! 🙂

Happy Blogging


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